Your personal vote for President will mean nothing if they finish what they started.

Did you know there is a State-by-State movement to give up YOUR control of YOUR electoral delegates to a thing called a "compact"  { National Popular Vote Compact.} (NPVC)

14 States plus the District of Columbia have already given up control to the "interstate compact", with a total of 196 Electoral Votes.

The "compact" only needs 74 more to become binding and ACTIVE. 


Why is this a bad thing?

  • If YOUR State is part of the "compact", no matter how your state votes for The President it may not count

  • How is this you ask? The "compact" binds YOUR State's Electoral Delegates to WHOM EVER wins the "National Popular Vote Total. Just imagine California and New York tipping the scale in their favor. 

  • If YOUR State votes 60% for person A and 40% for person B. Normally YOUR Delegates would go to the winner of YOUR State. 

  • Under the "compact", it would not matter who won YOUR State, the Delegates would go to whom ever won the most votes of all 50 States + DC  Most likely it would be California and New York who could be picking the President. No matter how your state votes.

  • If person B with 40% of the vote won the total popular vote count, ALL OF YOUR DELEGATES would go to person B

  • NO we are not making this up. It is law in 14 States plus the District of Columbia.

  • The 14 states plus DC have a combined total Delegates of 196 out of the 270 needed to activate the "compact"  

  • Biggest threat to YOUR States control is one tiny little section of the "compact". The next bullet point is cut and pasted straight from it

  • III – 7 If, for any reason, the number of presidential electors nominated in a member state in association with the national popular vote winner is less than or greater than that state’s number of electoral votes, the presidential candidate on the presidential slate that has been designated as the national popular vote winner shall have the power to nominate the presidential electors for that state and that state’s presidential elector certifying official shall certify the appointment of such nominees.

  • That means, if your delegates don't want to subvert your vote, the winner of the popular vote may replace the delegates YOU voted for.  They could replace them with whom ever they choose.  

Here are the facts behind it and some details about where the movement currently stands in completing it's agenda.

  • The NPVC movement was started out of frustration stemming from the loss of Gore in 2000 to Bush.

  • National Popular Vote held its initial press conference on February 23, 2006.

  • On April 10, 2007, Governor Martin O'Malley signed the National Popular Vote bill (HB 148 and SB 634). Maryland thus became the first state to adopt the NPVC

  • Obama was elected President in 08

  • The 2010 election cycle dealt the Democrats big losses.

  • The President’s re-election was in jeopardy.

  • In response to this, the NPVC movement received huge amounts of funding by far left wing activists like George Soros and a few others from California.

  • Over the next 6 years the NPVC had become law in 12 states with a combined total of 172 Electoral Votes now bound by a not yet actionable compact.

  • During those 6 years with the influx of additional cash, the NPVC managed to work its way into most of the large colleges, and universities, and formed community organizations.

  • The NPVC pro-activists began holding training seminars and educating people on how to sell the movement to the public, State legislators, and local media...The roots of the movement were expanded.

  • Now begins the 2016 election cycle.

  • The media and the left were sure that Clinton had the election in the bag…

  • HOLD ON …She lost.

  • The NPVC was not yet passed in enough States to become actionable. According to the language of the compact it requires the member states to have a total combined 270 Electoral Votes to become actionable.

  • If it were actionable at the time of the election, Clinton would be our President.

What we are doing to stop it 

  • On March 30, 2017 we became aware of the National Popular Vote Compact
  • We started a Facebook group {Protect Your Vote} to educate voters about what the politicians of both parties were doing to YOUR vote
  • Within the first 3 weeks, we assembled and educated over 2,000 members across 18 states to make phone calls, letters, and emails directly to the state legislatures
  • As of April 26, 2017 there are only 8 states that have active NPVC legislation.
  • Three of the eight states have active ballot petitions
  • We know based on patterns of activity, press releases, and the 2020 election cycle, that 2017 was a multi-state test to determine where to focus their efforts in 2018.
  • To date Protect Your Vote has initiated campaigns to defeat the NPV in 5 states submitting close to one thousand items of testimony in Oregon alone helping to defeat this legislation twice in a deep blue state.

Continuing the fight to keep YOUR vote control in YOUR state

  • We need to continue to educate more voters about the long-term goals of the Soros funded "FairVote" and "NPVC" movement
  • We need funding to maintain this website
  • We need resources and paid staff members
  • We need to develop radio and television ads to reach a greater number of voters
  • AND MOST OF ALL we need you to STAY involved in protecting your vote  

Click here to visit our Facebook Group.

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