State Contacts

Find the person in the state you live in, click on their name and send them a message. They will fill you in on how to help.

Join our team at the Facebook group (click here )

Alabama                  Leadership Needed 
Alaska                     Marie Rowan  
Arizona                    RJ Jaffe and Tawney Allison are also our Facebook Group founders
                                                                                     and Key members of the advisory team.
                                 Arne Hoff is our key legislation tracker.

Arkansas                  Leadership Needed
California                 Teri Lumbard,   Dan Clevenger
Colorado                  Erik StoneTam Colorado
Connecticut              Leadership Needed 
Delaware                 Leadership Needed
Florida                    Georgina Perera   Michele Payne   Auri Stela   Vicki Fields
Georgia                   Leadership Needed
Hawaii                    Leadership Needed
Idaho                      Leadership Needed
Illinois                    Katherine White
Indiana                   Leadership Needed
Iowa                      Leadership Needed
Kansas                   Denise O'Leary   Melissa Stout
Kentucky                Leadership Needed
Louisiana               Ktp.Csense 
Maine                    Len Stillson
Maryland                Pam Krieger 
Massachusetts        Sarah Brown 
Michigan                John Crawford
Minnesota              Meghan Benzinger
Mississippi             Leadership Needed
Missouri                 Leanna Ehrhardt
Montana                Pam Bradshaw
Nebraska               Leadership Needed
Nevada                 Leadership Needed
New Hampshire      Leadership Needed
New Jersey            Kenn Inwood
New Mexico           Sonya Schutt
New York              Leadership Needed
North Carolina       Leadership Needed
North Dakota        Curtis Olafson is also our national legislative liaison 
Ohio                     Leadership Needed
Oklahoma             Leadership Needed
Oregon                 Mike Dickenson
Pennsylvania         Bobby Lawrence is the founder of Protect Your Vote USA the 501 c (4) 
Rhode Island         Leadership Needed
South Carolina       Leadership Needed
South Dakota        Curtis Olafson is also our national legislative liaison 
Tennessee            Jack Roth
Texas                   Syrena Lopez  Harry Novack  Wanda Rodriguez
Utah                    Leadership Needed
Vermont               Leadership Needed
Virginia                Leadership Needed
Washington       Denova Weaver
West Virginia        Leadership Needed
Wisconsin            Leadership Needed
Wyoming             Leadership Needed

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