State Legislation

The 2019 session convened on January 9th. As of January 20th no NPV bill has been introduced.  The last day to file a bill is February 18th.  Check back for updates as the session progresses.

On February 15, 2011, Delegates Joe Talbott, Mike Caputo, and Guthrie introduced the National Popular Vote bill (HB 2387). Delegates Joe Talbott, Mike Caputo, Nancy Peoples Guthrie, Larry W. Barker, Brent Boggs, John N. Ellem, Allen V. Evans, Evans Fleischauer, Linda Longstreth, Mike Manypenny, Dale Martin, Cliff Moore, Daniel J. Poling, William R. Romine, and Ruth Rowan also introduced the bill.

On Feburary 8, 2011, the National Popular Vote bill (SB 463) was introduced in the Senate by Senators Senators Robert H. Plymale, John Pat Fanning, Ron Stollings, Larry J. Edgell, Robert D. Beach, Richard Browning, Daniel Foster, Mike Green, Evan H. Jenkins, Jeffrey V. Kessler, Orphy Klempa, Will Laird, Brooks F. McCabe, Jr., Ronald F. Miller, Herbert S. Snyder, Mark E. Wills, and Jack Yost.

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