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No bill has been prefiled for 2019 session. Session convenes January 15th and runs through April 14th.  Updates to follow if any bill is filed.  

No action was taken on HB 175 during the 2018 session.

The bill is done as far as the 2017 session.... 90 day Legislative Session ended. Next Session January 2018...

NPV HB 175 has been put on pause for the 2018 session as the legislative sponsor wisely sees that to pass it out of committee now would give the bill a "cold" start in the 2018 session when it hits the house floor. Therefore, HB175 will be picked up in the 2018 session, having already passed the House State Affairs committee and had its initial hearing in the House Judiciary committee.

As of Monday 4-18-17 there was not A Ballot Initiative.

However they do have to pass the bill by a House committee to get it into play for a ballot petition, first step..Which they did..
Every State is different on Ballot Initiatives as far as what it takes to get one on the Ballot.
We still need to watch for the ballot petition in Alaska.....

On March 28, 2017, the House State Affairs Committee approved the National Popular Vote bill (status of HB 175) after holding two earlier public hearings at which over 30 people testified.  

In March 2017, Representatives Zach Fansler, Les Gara, Justin Parish, Harriet Drummond, Scott Kawasaki, and GeranTarr introduced the National Popular Vote bill (status of HB 175).

On February 19, 2011, after hearing testimony at a hearing, the Senate State Affairs Committee moved the National Popular Vote bill to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On January 25, 2011, the Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on the National Popular Vote bill (SB 39).

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